with ZAHIRA  

Saturday Oct. 13

2 - 4 pm

Drum solo secrets, technique and creation!

Zahira is well known for her technical prowess, sharp isolations, mind blowing layers, gorgeous shimmies and engaging powerful performances.   ALL these elements are part of what makes her a drum solo goddess!

In this 2 hour workshop we will cover:

~ drum solo technique:  clear isolations, mind-blowing layers, pop and lock patterns and mesmerizing shimmies.

~ rhythms commonly used in drum solos and how to dance to them

~ drum solo structure for choreography and improvisation

~ texture & musicality

~ power moves, surprises, show stoppers

~ interpretation, expression and joy!

$40 in Advance (no hst until Sept 30).

$50 at the door space permitting


        "TRIBAL  FUSION"

           Workshop series with Stacie

        Sept. 16 to Oct. 21

Sundays Sept 16 - Oct 21

1:15 - 2:15 pm ~ Tribal Fusion Technique

2:25 - 3:25 pm ~ Performance Class


In Tribal Fusion Technique we will explore the fundamentals of fusion

bellydance such as popping, sidewinder, connecting undulations, arm waves,

and mayas, while adding special combos and transitions to work with the


~  We will work towards strengthening our isolations and adding more "pop"

to our movements while working with waving techniques to build connection

from head to toe.  

~  We will learn special spins and traveling steps,

~  We will explore arm and hand pathways and shapes, and

~  we will work with concepts of character and storytelling in dance.

This workshop is meant for you to drill and strengthen your tribal fusion

movements, while adding new ideas for you to play with in your dance. 

In the Performance Class Stacie will put all of the above together in a

beautiful choreography to be performed at Dragonfly Anniversary Hafla

on October 21st.


Stacie Noel is a performance artist who is known for her liquid movements, sharp pops, and whimsical flair.  She loves to experiment with various dance styles, but keeps her foundation and heart rooted in bellydance.  Stacie is passionate about dance and passionate about teaching, she is always happy to share and to learn new technique to add to her repertoire. She first discovered bellydance at Arabesque and was lead to modern bellydance at The Dark Side Studio.  She studied there for a few years and then found herself at Dragonfly Bellydance, studying under the influence of Zahira, Tatiana, and Anuka. To further extend her dance experience, Stacie has travelled to the West Coast to attend workshops and dance intensives from a few of her dance inspirations:  Zoe Jakes and Ashley Lopez.   She participated in Tribal Momentum 2018, a tribal bellydance festival, and Alias Dance Projects summer intensive in 2017.   In 2016 she studied Indian fusion dance with Colleena Shakti, and was a regular at Infusion Dance studio in Toronto.  Her current studies of dance include popping and animation, which she learns at The Underground Dance, and is an active follower on Datura Online, studying the latest in tribal fusion dance.  Stacie loves to bring her technique and concepts learned in street dance and combine it with foundational movements in tribal fusion.

Take  1 class x 6 weeks,  $120

Take both classes x 6 weeks,  ONLY $200  (save $40!)

No hst until Sept 1