RAKS AL-SAYF!  Sword Bellydance

with Zahira


1:15 - 3:15 pm

Learn to dance with a sword or bring your skills up a notch with

this workshop from Toronto's own sword dancer extraordinaire!

Learn how to wield and dance with the sword like a warrior princess!

~ Proper presentation of the sword

~ Walking and travelling moves for sword dancing

~ Balancing in different parts of the body

~ Creating the atmosphere: building anticipation, drawing the audience,

   connecting with the sword.

~ Sword floorwork

~ Poses & transitions

~ Combinations and fluidity

Intermediate Bellydance skills are highly recommended to take this


Please bring your own sword or ask us directly if you need to borrow a

sword for the workshop.

Limited Spots!

Register TODAY!

ONLY $45 ($55 at the door space permitting).  No HST until July 13!




"SUMMER TRAINING"   with Zahira

MONDAYS  8 - 9 pm


Intermediate Skills and Drills


~ Is your Level 2 Beyond Beginner technique solid?

   How are your Intermediate skills doing?

~ Have you just jumped into Level 3 and found it a little too challenging? OR   Are you thinking about moving to intermediate but are not sure what to expect?

~ Are you in Intermediate 1 and would like to move up but are unsure if you are ready?

~  Are you in Intermediate or a mixed level class but there are certain key moves and layers that are not quite there yet?

~ Need help with your hip articulation, deep muscular control, texture and nuance, turns with different arms, barrel turns, side 8, backwards arabesque, half maya walk, 2/4 walk, “Saede”,  or any other Level 3 moves?

~ You ‘know’ and understand your Level 3 technique but it doesn’t look quite “right”?   Do you need a good review of your rhythms, performance skills, fluid transitions?

~ Did you just joined Dragonfly recently and although you’ve been dancing for a while but there are moves that are part of Dragonfly’s curriculum that you never learned before?

~ Do you know and have what it takes to go to High Intermediate or even to Advanced?

THIS workshop is for YOU!

REFINE, POLISH, REVIEW, LAYER and BRING your LEVEL 3-4 technique UP A NOTCH!       *Notes will be provided*

Limited Spots!

Register TODAY!  $100    No Hst until JULY 1st


other FLOWY things!

JUNE 10 - JULY 8  

*  Want to learn or polish your veil skills?

*  Troubles with turns, barrels and spins?

*  Inspired to learn to use Wings?

In this 5 week series, you will learn:

~  Posture proper for Veils and Wings, focusing on strong,  

    elongated, and graceful body lines.

~  Arm positions and articulation: How to hold and lead your veil and wings gracefully

~  Captivating travelling steps for flowy props and fluid


~  How to create beautiful, flowing shapes to mesmerize

    your audience.

~  Spotting and spin techniques and a variety of turns

~  Technique breakdown, advice, tips and secrets on

    some of the most exciting and effective Veils and Wings

    moves such as swirls, juggle, arabesques, wing tremor,

     barrel turns and many more

~  How to truly dance with the wings making them an

    extension of yourself  and your dance instead of being

    overwhelmed by them.

~ Limited Spots!

Register TODAY!  $100  

No Hst until JUNE 3rd


"DANCING to EGYPTIAN Music: Taqsim, Rhythms and Musical Forms"

with Prof. George Sawa


2:30 - 4:30 pm

Prof. Sawa is a brilliant musician and caring teacher, one of the

most knowledgeable people in the world in terms of Egyptian

music appreciation, history, and its relation to dance.

In this workshop you will learn:

1)  Analysis of taqsim to show the subtle details inherent in

them to help dancers understand them and dance

harmoniously to them.

2) Some of hhe most important Egyptian dance rhythms and

musical forms and their impact on Choreography /


Participants will have the opportunity of showcasing their

newly learned skills by performing at our Summer Hafla to

Prof. Sawa's live music on the qanoun accompanied by the

lovely Suzanne on percussion that same night!

(*performance is optional*)

Limited Spots!

Register TODAY!

ONLY $50 ($60 at the door space permitting).  

No HST until August 1st


with ANUKA


2:15 - 3:30 pm  

Start your summer with magical fluttering fan veils!

In this 5-week specialty class with Anuka you will

learn beautiful sequences with this amazing prop.

Each week will have flutter and turn drills to build

up your technique, tips to help you bring musicality

and feeling to the movements, and combinations to

put it all together.

This mixed level class is accessible to students

starting out with basic fan veil movements. It will

also challenge students experienced with fan veils

to speed up turns and spinning, and to add layers

and traveling to the foundation movements.

Limited Spots!

Register TODAY!

ONLY $145!  No Hst until JUNE 8th



with OKSANA!


2:15 - 4:15 pm

In this workshop Oksana will break down Egyptian

technique and you will learn combinations to the

rhythms of Maqsum, Malfuf,  Samai, Saidi and more. 

About Oksana:

Oksana is an oriental dancer from Toronto, Canada

known for her elegancy, powerful stage presence and

dynamic style.  She is an award-winning performer

possessing great technique, captivating expression and

creative routines. Oksana has performed across Canada,

as well as internationally in the United States, Europe,

South America and Asia. 


Open to levels Beyond Beginner and up.

Limited Spots!

Register TODAY!

ONLY $50  (in advance, $60 at the door)

No Hst until June 22!