Bellydance History with Zahira


Monday Nights at 8 pm

After the incredible response to this course in 2016, and

for all those who missed it, we're offering it again!  

Zahira is THRILLED to combine her extensive academic  

background, deep historical and cultural knowledge, and

her bellydance experience with YOU in this one-of-a-kind

10 week specialty course.

In a Seminar format (lecture and discussion), the course

is open to bellydance students (beginners to professionals),

bellydance enthusiasts, history and cultural studies scholars

and general public who are interested in exploring

the history, roots and cultural background of bellydance as

well as its current standing in the world.  It is also a MUST for

any bellydance student who aspires to become a professional

in the art form.

We will cover the following topics:

WEEK 1 ~ Ancient roots 1: The Mediterranean (Phoenicia, Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia)

WEEK 2 ~ Ancient roots 2: The Romani connection: following the trail from India

WEEK 3 ~ Middle Eastern Music and Dance in the Middle Ages: from Mecca, Medina &

                  Damascus to Spain

WEEK 4 ~ The Ottoman Empire

WEEK 5 ~ The Orientalist period: 'the mystique of the East', from Napoleon to Gerome to

                  Oscar Wilde

WEEK 6 ~ The image of Salome past and present (from Medieval representations to Orientalist


WEEK 7 ~ The Chicago World Fair, (1893) and the late 1890's

WEEK 8 ~ The 20th Century 1: Golden Era (1920's - 1960's)

WEEK 9 ~ The 20th Century 2: immigration and the birth of modern styles outside the Middle


WEEK 10 ~ The Globalized world

Summary notes, bibliography and readings will be facilitated for each class.

We approach the Seminar with the knowledge that each and every single one of the topics covered could have it's own 10-week session, and this means to be an introduction and discussion of some of the main issues regarding each historical period/topic.

No drop ins and no make ups from other classes as the course builds upon the knowledge acquired in each session. However if you miss one of the seminar sessions you will be given the reading materials and you can attend any bellydance class as a make up.

Registration OPEN NOW!  Spaces Limited!          OR             Two payments of $90 each

$180 (no HST until May 27th)




with Orkideh

JUNE 10, 17 & 24

Sundays 1:30 - 3:30 pm

In this three week series we'll work on some tribal

basics and how to lead and follow within formations.

The tribal vocabulary comes from both Fat Chance

ATS and Gypsy Caravan, along with some unique

influences, and we'll discuss the roots of the

movements.   There's no choreography!

Be prepared for a Pilates/yoga based warmup

(wear pants not a skirt!), bring water and be ready

for some fun teamwork!

Orkideh is the director of the Serpentina North

Ensemble. She has been dancing since 2000, starting

with American Cabaret in NYC, and moving into

tribal style in 2004.  Serpentina North's tribal

bellydance style is a combination of Fat Chance ATS

as well as Gypsy Caravan, combined with some

unique styling of their own.

In addition to bellydance, Orkideh has also been

studying kathak for about a decade.

She is also Stott Pilates trained, and is working

towards certification.

Registration OPEN NOW!  Spaces Limited!          

$120 (no HST until June 4)


Thank you!